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Apr 10 2017

Contact Improvisation Performance @JKK

Play, Support, Explore!! Come experience a performance of moving bodies in contact with each other and interact with the artists. Contact Improvisation is a dance that is continually merging, dialoguing, shifting and evolving in relation to varied aspects of self in space, and in relation to other bodies and elements. It is a form where a number of movers improvise in space, while exploring body contact with each other.

The form is an unconventional tool that allows us to discover and play with physical and emotional dynamics of the self and the group. It can be invaluable for any dancer, theatre or performance artist, but also for anybody who wants to live more comfortably in their body.
It is often an inspiration for many other artists such as visual artists and musicians.

The here and now characteristic of CI allows us to come fully into the present and practice meeting and letting go the situation as it is in every moment. It helps us come fully into our bodies. Therefore this form can also be a spiritual practice, or it can be a powerful tool to help us live our lives with heightened freedom, awareness and aliveness.

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We invited all to come experience and interact with us!! Contact Improvisation is for everyone! Dancers and non-dancers are equally welcome. If you want to discover yourself and your body further, if you want to let your inner-child come out and play in a safe place with other bodies, if anything about CI resonates with you, then come. Let’s have fun, explore and grow with the support of each other!

Painters, sketchers, film makers, photographers are all invited to get in touch with us so we can play with the exciting possibility of CI across art forms. It would be great to capture movers in moments. Singing, music and drum circles will create fields of fullness. An unconventional movement art needs the nurture of artisans. Come and Support this Energy and let the dance guide us….!!!!!

About the artists:

Guru Suraj is a Painter and Yoga teacher who has been doing CI since last 8 years. He has been loyally attending the yearly contact festival in Goa for the past 8 years.

Swapnashree Bhasin is a dancer and a performer since birth who has been doing CI since 5 years. Her introduction to this form has been through her teachers Nancy,Erica Kauffman, Irene, Wega, Tara, Tom Gold hand, Yohan, Angelika, Kira.

The contact improvisation festival happens every year in Arambol, Goa. Here international faculties from across the world come together into a family to teach and spread the CI culture. CI is new in India, and Indian dancers have been getting access to this training through the Dance Exchange program offered by the festival since the last 8 years.

This year in continuation of the Goa Contact Festival 2017, our intention is to sow seeds of CI India in various parts of the country. We want to extend this wondrous journey from the beach into our cities, from dancers to all people. We Indian dancers want to take CI forward autonomously beginning now with the support of Volker, Zinda, Adi, Swapna and Guru. We are doing this by taking CI to cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai with performances followed by workshops for those interested.

Swapna and Guru have spent a month in Goa with each other working on this intention. Bodies fuelled by this year’s Festival, they joyously invite you to come join us in creating more spaces of exploration, improvisation and free bodies for everyone!

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