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Mar 16 2017

JMS Meet-up supported by JKK

With the core belief of co-creating activities in collaborative spirit, JaipurMeraShehar in collaboration with Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) had organised a meet-up on 11th March 2017, of community based organizations and individuals that are in some way or the other positively influencing the development of a Jaipur that is creative, sensitive, sustainable and fulfilling. Please find the list of invitees below.

The objective of the meet-up was to enable the development of a community and network of such like minded and like hearted individuals, community groups and organizations such that they could better co-create activities, support and reinforce each other’s work towards meeting the larger and common objective of a beautiful city that reflects and meets the aspirations of its citizens.

Name Organisation/Area of interest Area of work
Ms Premlata Sand Pehla Sukh Conventional healthcare solutions
Edward Dickinson India Inspiration Initiative Promoting Creative Ideas, Common Sense and Simple Tech
Prashant Gupta, Abhishek Purohit Jaipur BookLovers Connecting people interested in books, reading and writing
Rj Ravindra, Himanshu Atre The Poetry Recitals Connecting people interested in poetry
Ritansh Pandey Rapper Masters in social work, solo rapper, part of band “Motorcycle Shayaries”
Anil Khuabni Jaipur Photographers’ Club Community of photography enthusiasts
Amit Ginani Instagramers Jaipur Community of mobile photographers based on the app – Instagram
Ravi Handa Jaipur Quiz Club (Jaquizzi) Community of quizzers and quizmasters promoting quizzing culture
Nitin Jain Indibni Design house specialising in gifting products and branding services
Shraddha Jain Artist Art projects to bring together individuals and communities
Ravi Raizada Seva Consumer Services Pvt Ltd. Repair and maintenance services provider for home appliances
Rachna Ghia, Anuj Aggarwal Entripreneur Crafting trips to connect entrepreneurs
Arvind Thanvi Moinee Foundation Working on mission to support “Right to Quality Education”
Dr. Amit Kumar Kumarappa Institute of Gram Swaraj Training & development of Farmers in organic farming & rural sustainability
Vineet Sharma Jaipur Walks Propagating age old wisdom of architecture, food and religious believes through story telling and heritage walks
Gagan Sharma Conservation Architect Conservation of heritage structures and architecture
Dr. Mridul Bhasin, Neha Khullar Muskaan Foundation Research & advocacy around city mobility
Ms. Gurpreet Kaur Uday Waldorf Inspired School of Jaipur Alternate methodologies & patterns of education & schooling
Ashutosh Nandwana Pravah Jaipur Initiative Works towards youth development and social justice
Geetanjali Kasliwal Big Bin Project Advocacy and implementation of processes in waste management
Gajendra Shrotriya Harbinger Creations Filmmaker on social issues
Hemant Sharma Digantar Shiksha Evam Khelkud Samiti Alternative education for rural children
Vipul Verma Architect & Educator Architectural pedagogy, city as research lab
Ramesh Asher Independent Filmmaker Short films and documentaries with a rural background
Mumal Tanwar Dariya Dil Dukaan, Story-Telling Spirit of Gift culture, story-telling and gender conflict
Nilima Magic Bus Life skills through sports for child and youth
Dr Charu Chopra Healing Cafe Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Homeopath
Shammi Nanda Ahimsagram Community space working on sustainable living, nonviolent communication, sociocracy and life serving ways of conflict transformation

Points of reflection

These organizations/individuals in their own capacity imagined and created or trying to create a world where people are not afraid to do and talk about things that matter most to us. A world that constantly surprises us with the wisdom that exists not in any one of us but in all of us. And a world where we learn that the wisdom we need to solve our problems is available when we talk together. JaipurMeraShehar requested them to come prepared with reflections on questions that make them imagine and keep creating such worlds. The questions that explore the needs, objectives and aspirations of their initiatives and/or areas of interest that help create solutions for the challenges that we are facing in todays world together.

Everyone shared the answers to these questions and then JaipurMeraShehar asked everyone to identify the participants with whom they might want to collaborate in future. Simultaneously, JaipurMeraShehar team deduced the responses into patterns, insights and connecting diverse perspectives. The outcome of this data analysis were four below mentioned themes. The participants were then asked to choose a theme which would then have focussed discussions and come out me action plans for future.


  • Awareness amongst parents about children and young adults aspiration.
  • Physical space to have conversations.
  • Community sensitization about city aesthetics.
  • Common platform to train and sensitize people to create catalysts.

The meet-up was well attended and received. Some feedback share by the participants are;

What did you think about the meet-up on following parameters – Structure, Orientation and Engagement? 

As a beginning, JMS made an excellent beginning on the three parameters. What is crucial that the interconnections turn into vocal and action oriented to make the powers realize that the forum represents the public opinion and it has to be listened.

-Dr. Mridul Basin, Muskaan Foundation

What are your personal take aways?

It was an excellent opportunity to meet lots of like minded people. A good exposure to see and know different people doing different kinds of things.

-Dr. Amit Kumar, Kumarappa Institute of Gram Swaraj

How do you see such meet-up evolve over time?

It could be more action orientated over a period of time. Smaller groups within JMS can go out and take actions and comeback to the larger umbrella and share their experiences and get a feedback. Through this process:
– There will be a sense of ownership and responsibility
– There shall be a sense of achievement
– New members can join and make a difference

-Gagan Sharma, Conservation Architect

The future plan of action for such meet-up will be worked out as per the reactions and feedback collected.

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