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Feb 20 2017

VII Community Drum Circle – Amber Fort

Yes! Yes! Yes!

It is the second in a row of four mind boggling Heritage series of Drum circles. We have always tried to make the drumming sessions more interactive and happening therefore, this time we moved into Amber Fort.

Call from the participants:

“I wasn’t sure whether I would be that good at playing the ‘Djembe’. But slowly with the people around me, I also was wondering if I am a constant player of the instrument.”

“My mood changes vastly whenever I attend the sessions organized by Taal Inc. and Jaipur Mera Shehar. They always tend to delight me.”

“Not every session gives what it promises. The drum circles have proven me wrong. ‘Hari, never fails to astonish me with his team to rock the show.’

“I loved their way of spreading gift culture. How much you’re giving doesn’t matter, but contributions should be made. Great, love you people!!”

“Makers and breakers: My team won almost every time. I felt like I knew the strangers more than my friends.”

“Better than watching a movie.”

We are very overwhelmed hearing the statements people make after attending the sessions. We couldn’t have made this possible without our Jaipur people.

We would like to thank Ali Mohammad, who had specifically come to make us learn a few more innovations in drumming. His past two generations have been drumming in various parts of the city and spreading the love for playing drums. We are deeply thankful to Taal inc. and JaipurMeraShehar for their relentless corporations. A special thanks to all our volunteers who have made every session of Drum circle happen and without whom, nothing would have been possible. It’s good to see people turn out towards every progressing sessions, and each and every session gets better and better with all of yours presence.

Media coverage:



Kudos to all the people who contributed their time and efforts in making this event possible.

Photographs courtesy: Sangeeta Singh and Sarah Panwar; Content writing by: Amitabh Bhattacharya.



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