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Sep 18 2016

III Community Drum Circle – C-Scheme

We had always wanted to create a sustainable environment for our people who take the pain of coming and joining us in our event. 

The event started with the ‘Pak Rhythm’ which was like an energizer to the people who had come. Drums were new to many and so was the place. But miraculously the atmosphere changed into heaps of energy and fun. The people what we have seen in our last few drum circles have been very diverse and this is what happened here also. Mothers with small babies had come just to make their young ones hear the rhythmic sound while fathers wanted their juvenile lads to atleast tap and enjoy the real world. Expectations are always high from people and we strictly work on our part to deliver more than possible which was a reason of the enormous crowd gathering on this Sunday. 

‘The drum Circles are not only means to eliminate stress and anxiety but also is a type of meditation which gives you peace when you match the rhythm of the drum to your heart beat’, says Hari, our most loved facilitator of all times. He has been trained at Taal Inc and now holds session of drum circles here at the Pink city.

The people loved our co facilitator as well, Nitin who made people dance to the tune of his ‘Berimbau’, an instrument which is believed to be handed over by the river goddess to the native folks. This instrument later made the natives evolve one of the deadliest martial arts of all time called ‘Copeira’. 

The Drumming is actually called shamanic which serves as a purpose of eliminating stress and rejuvenating energy. The repetitive rhythm which increases slowly and catches tempo of four to seven beats per second is an internal healing process. Your communication of the drum slowly matches with the heart beat and that’s where meditation starts and you feel that your body is healing during the process. 

Most noteworthy was the fact that we didn’t notice any cell phones being used during the event which is a great motivation for our team. After facebook and other social sites trolling about youth involving more in the virtual world, we were happy to see children were beating drums with great tenacity and not catching pokemons. 

We are extremely apologetic for the shortage of chairs as the people were much greater as to what we had expected as well as we couldn’t sense that the popularity of our Drum Circles have reached new heights.

The event ended with the spirit of exchanging gifts where after you enjoy the event, you can as a thanksgiving gift give Rs. 50 or, more as appreciation gift.  

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Kudos to all the people who contributed their time and efforts in making this event possible. 

Photographs courtesy: Nitin Guwalani; Content writing by: Amitabh Bhattacharya.

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