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Aug 3 2016

II Community Drum Circle – C-Scheme

Why is the crowd going ecstatic..

Is it because of a Cricket Match.. Is there any rock concert going.. No then what??

A Taal Inc. Community Drum Circle!

Josh!! The crowd has gathered to attend a session of drumming.. Is it true..

Yes, the crowd did go crazy with the last session at C-scheme this Sunday evening, just at producing sounds with drums. They shouted, they clapped.. They enjoyed.. Everyone became united just for music.. New bonds were made with people who didn’t even knew each other!!

Stress had left them far behind, we saw..

They felt!!!!!

They were just joining rhythms with each other..

Someone has really made a point when they said that music make individuals get closer.

They played, we won!!

Happiness is all we want. Let’s join in to create peace and harmony !

Written as : THE OBSERVER 

People are crazy… I want to know the craziness that is hiding inside..

I doubt that anyone is going to be bored.. They might sense the sound of the inner self within drum beats that we all will create together at the second Community Drum Circle in Jaipur organized by Taal Inc and led by Hari Chaurhary.

Individuals from the age of 4-60 years have come for the weekend joy.

I’m waiting.. They are waiting.

They say Cricket and music brings people closer.. Let’s see.!!

It all started with a Body rhythm.. I remember this was a method from ancestors to make individuals come closer where you do a step of tapping yours fingers and legs and ask others to do the same.

Basically we are trying to relax the mind… And then the body.

A child glees in surprise.

Now the moment comes we are all waiting for..

This is no pass time.. It is an art on how to play the proper drum beat and stay with the crowd with exact rhythm..

Some are happy.. Some wish they could.. They will ultimately be happy..

Slowly the beat on the drum is increasing..

The people are trying to match the pace..

I see smiles… They are happy… Concentration is on the go..

As a participant, I have always tried to match the pace.. But it had not been always easy.. Since it requires concentration and selflessness.. I am happy to see people matching rhythms.. And are trying to be rhythmic with others…

No competition.. No jealousy.. Just peace with a sprinkle of fun…

The small kid is pouncing to make a beat.. Satisfaction !!

A father is enthusiastic in teaching his child how to drum.. A mother is forgetting all her pains and worries in the drumming..

An individual had been trying to get the rhythm… He is not able to.. He gets help from his fellow members.. They don’t know him but for the past 15 minutes, he has become a close acquaintance of them.. They make him learn the rhythm..

People cheer.. The drums are roaring..

Sometimes it looks as if all are diverted from the rhythm.. Then someone makes the correct move and everybody joins him..

Attention has been a true agent for the drummers.. There is no amateur.. And there is no professional.. They are playing drums with a rhythm that their heart’s lead.

I haven’t seen anyone with their mobiles out except for me as I’m observing the people and clicking their pictures.

That is an achievement when people listen to you instead of their repeated mobile beeps!!

It is true music makes people come closer..

They don’t want this to end.. Except that their fingers which have for now turned blue with continuous beats.


During the Community Drum Circle organized by Taal Inc. in Jaipur, led by Hari Chaudhary, there was one thing going on in my mind..

To keep in pace with the others..

No frustration, no tension.. No panic, my only focus and happiness lied in matching beats with the others.

With those, whom I don’t know.. With whom I have never met. But I felt I was acquainted with them for the past hour, as to have matched their rhythms with mine and sharing a smile whenever our eyes met.

I was feeling important.. Guess everybody was feeling that way..

I was able to count each of my breaths after the vigorous drumming, I had been doing. Peace had suddenly entered my brainstem, and I was not sad, not bored.. I was happy & content.. That was enough for my system to face the upcoming hectic week.

I felt like each of my activities was important for the other. We were all a team, where nobody was to be defeated.. We all won, yes we all won !

Kudos to all the people who contributed their time and efforts in making this event possible. 

Photographs courtesy: Avinash MauryaContent writing by: Amitabh Bhattacharya.

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