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Jun 26 2016

Book Reading – Imperial India

“Learning City Jaipur” seeks to build symbiotic relationship between multiple stakeholders from within the city and extended geographies. We collectively identify the needs of the growing city of Jaipur and intend to co-design solutions by creating various co-learning opportunities, nurturing our creative potentials, including sustainable practices, organizing public events, etc.

With one of our vision to consider our heritage, the life-serving practices, and to make non-normative histories accessible, we are proposing to do some readings from historical references. You are all welcome to participate and know more about our activities in the city.

“Some stories of rajahs and their families I have inserted, as such stories are public property and matters of history. When a person is raised so much above others as is a rajah, he must expect the full blaze of the Eastern sun to shine upon him and his doings. […] The very fact of giving publicity to the doings of the great in India is a novelty but to prove to a rajah that he and his doings are not above public criticism will perhaps cause some improvement in his goings on.”
[Prinsep Val C., 1879, Chapter I “Introductory”, “Imperial India: An Artist’s Journals”, Chapman & Hall Limited, London.]

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The first reading is from “Imperial India: An Artist’s Journals” by Val C. Princep, we will read the excerpt from his visit to Jaipur in 1877. Valentine C. Princep, was an artist of the Victorian age. He was commissioned to paint a picture for the Indian Government, as a present to her Majesty the Queen on the occasion of the assumption of the title of Empress of India. In preparation for which he then came to India, in 1876, and embarked on an extensive 16 month tour that took him to the main princely states in the west, north, and the south of the Indian sub-continent, to make studies for his painting. This book is his journal he kept during his travels. As the name suggests, his tour, and studies, are centered around Indian imperial courts. With the keen vision of an artist, he delights in descriptions of the court, and court-life. The palaces, the clothed, the jewellery, local gossip (both Indian and British), snippets of history, personal impressions of the rulers and their ways, and more are described in this book. Often quite amusing in the way it is written, this book has an easy and informal style of narrative.

The book will be read by Vidisha Saini, who is an artist and a contemporary arts curator engaged with social practice, performance art and alternative pedagogies.

Venue Partner: Zostel Jaipur

This event is organised in the spirit of gift culture. We intent to make this event inclusive for all the members of our community. Suggestive minimum sliding contribution is INR 50 to 100; however it is being conducted in the spirit of gift contribution and we leave it open for you to value what the session offers and choose how much you want to pay and support the organisers of this event.

About Learning City Jaipur
“Learning City Jaipur”identifies the needs of this growing city and intends to co-design solutions. We consider building human-nature connections; along with conserving traditional life-serving practices and architectural heritage we also seek to make this city one that celebrates pluralism, equivalence and it’s contemporary culture.

Symbiotic relationships between multiple stakeholders including government bodies, businessmen, students, professionals, homemakers, inmates, people with different abilities, Jaipur’s villages, bio-region, other cities, etcetera, help us collectively work through our commons.

We attempt to nurture our creative potentials and work towards our mission by mapping various learning resources, adding to them and making them accessible, creating opportunities for co-learning with people from different parts of the world, facilitating (oral history) workshops, city walks, sharing diverse knowledge as talks and non-talent shows, webcasts, meet-ups, city wide street art projects, transforming and co-designing policies, creating cafés run by gift economy and sustainable practices, among many other processes.

“Learning City Jaipur” is a part of a larger network of groups called “Jaipur Mera Shehar”.
“Jaipur Mera Shehar” is an invitation to the people of this region to come together to create a multi stake holder body for creating sustainable and restorative solutions for the challenges that we are facing in todays world at personal, local as well as global level. It is an interdependent web of various theme based ‘peer to peer’ support groups working on community based social actions and entrepreneurship initiatives, government, business and others, while holding the Sociocratic governance principles of equivalence, efficiency and transparency. To know more you can see

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