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May 30 2017

JaipurMeraShehar Yatra

The Indian education system and its curriculum/frameworks are unable to provide the necessary content, learning and context for students to get enough opportunity and inspiration to take up challenging projects that directly address problems faced by societies such as sustainability, localisation, wholesome living. As a result, students end-up taking employment in large organisations that are too slow and beauracratic to effectively tackle local/community problems, but also are unable to provide a fulfilling career choice to the youth of today.

The JMS Yatra is a step in this direction. By providing, preferably college students, a platform for pragmatic understanding of some pioneering projects, social enterprises, community organisations and startups.

Objectives of the Program

  • To help youth of Jaipur get a holistic exposure to projects and initiatives by organizations or individuals in various areas of interests; and move beyond just the conventional structures of learning and education.
  • To give youth of Jaipur the exposure to issues of key concerns and challenges in building a city that is creative, sustainable, happy, sensitive and yet modern; hoping that they themselves become the change that they would like to see in the city.
  • Become a platform for youth to be self-reflective and self-aware about their own areas of interests and works; enabling them to a better understanding of how they would like to engineer their future more consciously.

Important Points

  • Program duration is 4 week – 17th June to 15th July 2017
  • Last date of submitting application is 7th June 2017
  • Initial Batch size – 10 applicants
  • Admission Fees INR 2000 payable on first day of the fellowship

Who can apply

  • If you are a Jaipur college student (first / second year) & looking for opportunity and inspiration to take up challenging projects that directly address problems faced by societies such as sustainability, localisation, wholesome living. Then this program aims to provide you
  • Holistic exposure to innovative projects / initiatives in Jaipur
  • Opportunity to connect with like minded people
  • Path to self discovery of your areas of interest

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Content and Structure of the Program

The program would essentially comprise 8 to 10 immersions / exposure visits and study of different creative, innovative and sustainable projects in an around Jaipur.

Each visit would be of max 2 days duration. The objective of the visit would be to get a first hand understanding of the operations, meeting with key stakeholders and customers / beneficiaries and an in-depth discussion with the founder /management team to get a sense of their motivations. Each visit would be followed up with a reflection session where the group would discuss the key observations and to contextualise the learnings. Each participant would then create a learning dairy based on the visit and interactions.

The above visits and meetings would also be interspersed with knowledge sessions and workshops that seek to help the participants understand their self and motivations to a greater degree. These would be facilitated through partners. Sessions on design thinking, lean model canvas, business modeling etc would also be taken to provide the participants tools to build up on the ideas that they may like to explore in the future.

The last two day of the program will be spent in Startup Oasis where each participant would try to identify one local problem of Jaipur they he / she would like to solve in the future and will build an action plan and an implementation model around the same with the support of experts and startup mentors from the Startup Oasis networks.

The final day of the fellowship program would be a Demo Day where the 10 participants would present their learnings and ideas to a jury of experts, collaborators, CSRs and investors.

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